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Without further ado, get to the point. Now is the time for the truth to come to light. When I saw the new Replica Longines Watch and Patek Philippe watches this year, all the speculations before the watch show finally came to light. The truth is as follows.

Before the watch exhibition, the “five-bead chain” Greenwich GMT circulated on the Internet and in the circle of friends was true. The truth is that this year Replica Longines Watches launched the “five-bead chain” version of the steel case with red and blue circles Greenwich GMT (No. 126710). Note, you read it right, it is a steel watch. In the previous article, I also said that the five-bead chain with Greenwich GMT is reasonable and there is no problem, because historically, the early models of Greenwich GMT 1675 and 16753 have used the five-bead chain.

Replica Longines Watch

Many brothers, after seeing the “five-bead chain” version of Greenwich GMT, said that they did not understand, why do you want to equip the red and blue circles with a five-bead chain now? The reason is to form a distinction between the red and blue circles of the platinum shell.

Brothers who are familiar with Longines know that the red and blue rings of Longines have always been in platinum shell before, and there is no steel shell version. Now there is a red and blue circle in the steel shell. Platinum and stainless steel look alike, so how does it differ from the previous red and blue circle in platinum? Rely on this “five-bead chain”. The red and blue ring in the white gold case uses the “Oyster bracelet”, and the red and blue ring in the steel case uses the “five-bead chain”. The appearance of the Oyster bracelet is very different from that of the five-bead chain. A look at the bracelet can immediately tell whether the red and blue ring is made of white gold or steel. Replica Longines Watch is clever. It also solves the actual problem (distinguishes between platinum and stainless steel), and conforms to history (GMT has used the five-bead chain in history), which is reasonable.

Replica Longines Watch

In addition to this chain, there is a very important change in the red and blue ring of the five-ball chain steel shell. Yes, the movement has been changed. The new red and blue circle uses Replica Longines Watch new-generation 32XX series movement (specifically, the 3285 movement). The steel shell five-bead chain red and blue circle also officially entered the “3235 era”, with 70 hours of power.

According to the current information, the public price of this five-bead chain steel shell red and blue ring is 8800 Swiss francs. According to the public price of the steel shell blue and black ring of 69,300, the steel shell red and blue ring should be similar. But, brothers, you know, let’s take a look at the actual prices of popular sports.

Replica Longines Watch

One of the most important things for Longines in 2009 was that Longines’s 36 mm DATE JUST was also replaced with a 3235 movement! Cheap Replica Longines Watch officially released the information of the new 36mm DJ today (March 21, Swiss time), but it quickly deleted the information. The information mentioned that the new 36mm DJ uses the new 3235 movement, and at the same time the Longines booth window 36mm DJ marked “NEW” (new style).

Replica Longines Watch

It was later confirmed that the news of the 36mm DJ replacing the 3235 movement is completely true (No. 126233). The previous “controversy” over whether 36mm can use the 3235 movement is now concluded. 41mm DJ and 36mm DJ will all use the 3235 movement. 41mm DJ, 36mm DJ, just buy it, except for the size, there is no difference, brothers don’t have to worry about it.

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